BANDLAND Marching Accessories List 170419








lyre - mount that attaches to lyre holder on instrument



flip folder - holds multiple music sheets and connects to lyre


Most students will need a lyre and flip folder








NOTE: lyres for sax, trumpet and cornet are not universal:


For these instruments, know the brand and model number of


instrument, or better yet, bring it with you when you purchase.


Prices include sales tax Prices include sales tax










Clarinet - One type fits most all brands







Sax - depends on lyre holder location on sax




Straight fits: Buescher BU4, BU5




Selmer AS500, TS500, AS600, TS600




Selmer AS400, TS400




Selmer ASOM300, ASOL300, ASOL300A




Yamaha (most)




Curved fits: Bundy, Bundy II




Selmer AS300, Selmer 1242




Conn 24M, Vito












Small bent-stem fits: most Bach TR300H2 & TR500, Conn, King




Large bent-stem fits: most Bach TR300 & TR600 Bundy, Yamaha



Straight fits: old Conn, most Holton








Long universal (tuba, sousa, baritone, etc)




These normally require modification








DEG Lyres (includes 5 page flip folder)




lyre/flip folder are attached as 1-piece




These are the standard for flute and trombone




flute (attaches to arm)




trumpet (attaches to bell)




trombone (attaches to bell)




snare drum / quads / quints (attaches to drum)




bass drum (attaches to drum)








Flip Folders




5 page plasti-folio




extra windows for flip folder





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