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Would you like to work at Bandland?

We are always looking for committed, career-minded professionals as we plan for future expansion. Opportunities could become available in Sales, Repair Department, Instrument Maintenance, School Education Representative, and Education Department.

Employment Requirements: 18 Years or older Positive attitude Good communication skills Strong desire for personal and professional growth High level of enthusiasm to help exceed the needs of our customers Knowledge of retail sales and musical instruments is a plus

Would you like to teach at Bandland?

Our lesson program is built on giving students a rewarding, one-on-one educational experience with lessons tailored to each musician's style and skill level. We are looking for committed professional instructors to provide an enjoyable and educational experience for our students. Does this sound like you?:
Talented, Patient, Reliable, Dedicated, Enthusiastic?

We offer private lessons on most band and orchestral instruments, as well as percussion, guitar, bass, piano, and voice.


Pictured below:Bandland Employee, Brandon Haggerty, processing a trumpet in the repair shop

Would you be a GREAT member of our staff?

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